Nev Maxfield


Nev Maxfield graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health after completing his 3 year Bachelor Degree in Health Science (Muscoloskeletal Therapy).  As a highly qualified Clinical Myotherapist, he has worked in both private practice and the Professional sporting domain as Head Myotherapist at Carlton Football Club.  He is currently a member of the soft-tissue team at Melbourne Storm.

He is able to assess, diagnose, prescribe treatment and rehabilitate a variety of musculoskeletal conditions from neck pain and chronic headaches, to ankle injuries and anything in-between.  He treats from injury onset through to return to work or sport.

Nev is an experienced rock-climber, has an interest in martial arts (muay thai, capoera, kung fu), and was even a professional swimmer.  In his spare time you may find him at the gym, in a yoga class or running with his overactive border collie.  He is an avid music lover and is always looking for recommendations.

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